Why I Like Dispute Resolution
Why I Like Dispute Resolution

Why I like Dispute Resolution

First of all → I'm a business analyst.

So how does being a business analyst solve that- question?

Easily → there are many coherencies between business analysis and dispute resolution!
The first coherency belongs to a common dispute resolution practice- mediation. Mediation seeks to determine points of conflict between disputing parties, then work on its derivative in an attempt to resolve it.

In business analytics, a similar process occurs. The analyst look at a given work problem, the implements diagnostic techniques to gather data about the problem, The analyst doesn't care as much about the facts of the problem as the individual elements that make it up. These elements are usually transformed into something concrete that is quantitative, then analysed to interpret the main derivative. Once the derivative is found, a list of solutions can be implemented to resolve the conflict.

Many mediation techniques break the conflict into parts. where its not particularly broken into parts, it is batted once an element presents itself. Then that element is either worked through immediately, or noted, brought to the attention of the conflicted party, then addressed as an individual issue after the initial story gathering process.

In business analytics, many analysts use either a mind may or a decision thee. Each tool separates topics into nodes, containing subtopics, some software call it classiaications.ca sees, codes, and subcodes. A classification can be as broad as a business Area, or they type of employees effected, or a department of the company, A case break the problem down into specific instances, or else any ongoing issues that may have many instances. The coding begins to attach known concepts to particular details of the problem, then sub codes break 'the concept into its elements of analysis,

In dispute cases, a similar elathorn can be used to break down the conflict into its earricular issues and elements. For instance, classification could be the type of conflict to resolve, Cate would be the specific in stare or group of instances, code would be the derivation elem s that create the case, and sub code are the theoretical elements of the code that can be used to analyze a solution.

And, of course, the overall coherency is finding a solution to help other people resolve their problems.

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