BFC Consulting Group

Beauty From Conservancy – BFC; offering analytics, business solutions, skitz, and REIT developments


A future where markets are competitive based on the ability to succeed with efficiency, exclusivity,  ownership, and environmental stewardship.  

To grow business, providing access to business ownership for everyone! 


SQL Essentials; 2019
Transect SQL; 2019
Databases – DML & SQL Server Admin; 2019
Master SQL for Data Science; 2019
Improve your Tableau Skills; 2019
Excel 2013: Advanced Form and Functions; 2019
Become a Business Intelligence Specialist; 2019
Advance Your Skills in Predictive Analytics; 2019
Become a Business Analytics Expert; 2019
Becoming a Six Sigma Blackbelt; 2019
Become a Corp Financial Planning Analyst; 2019

ISO 134852019
SS&E Inspector/Instructor Cert; 2008, 
ISO 14001; 2013, ongoing
Technical Writing Certificate, 2007
Forestry and Conservation; 2009

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