BFC Analytics offers consulting services in the form of qualitative and mixed methods analysis of a company's branding, marketing, operations, management, leadership strategy, and environmental compliance. Further, analysis of financial compliance, reconciliation services, and anti-fraud investigation services are offered. With multiple environmental permitting licenses, BFC Analytics can obtain compliance with the EPA and it's subsidiary organizations, plus strategize for continued compliance with efficiency as an outcome. BFC Analytics has deep expertise in generating alliance relationships that last, without consumer outcry and can pass that expertise on through prospecting that includes deep analysis of matching capability and strategic implementation planning. Furthermore, BFC Analytics can offer a variety of services to gain a competitive position on the market through the development of a networking program to branding and basic marketing. The goal is to help you succeed where you need.

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~ Proven expertise.

~ Dedicated to efficiency.

~ Prioritization towards quality while optimizing consumer engagement.

~ Devoted to the protection of health and humanity through interaction with a healthy environment.

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OUR Founder

Dr. Bonnie Aylor, PhD, PSM, MSEM, MBA

BFC Analytics' founder has proven her expertise in the field multiple times. She's provided CLE services for professional credit with the American Bar Association, also providing written research for a publication for the TIPS Subcommittee on Cybersecurity

She is a PhD recipient in Business Management with a specialization in Leadership and a minor in Strategy and Innovation. She has a Professional Sciences Master from University of Maryland compromised of a Master of Science in Environmental Science and a Master of Business Administration. She worked in the field providing master planning and environmental permitting for businesses and municipalities, she has provided data recovery services, she has provided services in employee productivity analysis, market targeting, and strategic social media marketing planning plus implementation. She also held leadership roles developing baseline team members, new volunteer engagement campaigns, event planning, and recruitment programs.

******BFC Analytics has proven competitive in business planning and the company is eager to help you.******


BFC Analytics revealed to me voided areas I never even thought existed. Furthermore, they were quick in teh process and their plan fit my budget. - Paul Edwards, VP Consumer Strategy

I was afraid that going carbon neutral would cost a ton of money so I refused to look at it, faithful that it wouldn't matter. BFC Analytics created a plan to used carbon neutral services and we experienced a significant increase in clientele. - Rebecca Grangy, Area Director

It seemed like our brand was clear and simple, like consumer ought to know who we were through the world we created on our website. BFC Analytics saw a large disbursement of engaged audience members, conducted an analysis and found a pattern that could focus the engagement. They also recommended a campaign that would bring out the "symbol", as they called it. We experienced a huge jump in people that knew who we were since we decided to use the plan. - Joey Rigante, CIO