Price for Services

BFC Analytics prices its services in a way that most effectively meets your need as our client.  Some clients come to us for a single project, which is a great way to get secondary work done.  For these types of services, we offer bundle project pricing, and we also offer individual item pricing.  Bundled project pricing comes with a few of our single items that accomplish a particular goal.  Other clients need continuing services.  We offer retainer pricing for clients that may need to contact us at any time and ask for a product to be completed.  The retainer pricing is customizable to the client's interest.  If the client has only a few projects to be managed in the continuum, those will be listed in the retainer contract and any other project will be priced separately.  This small retainer package comes at a lower cost upfront.  If the client wished to have an unlimited amount of services completed within our continuum of services offered, there will be a larger retainer cost, but little or no added costs.

Single Item

Priced per completed product, with advanced options add-ons.

By the Project

Comes with a bundle of single products and add-ons, may be customized, is contract specific.

Retainer Services

A continuous provision of services over a specified time frame, which may be repeated, is contract specific.

***************  Single item offerings, aka unbundled products, will be available for pricing on our products e-commerce site as items become available for listing.  If a product that you need is not listed, contact us for interim pricing  ***************