BFC Consulting Group

Beauty From Conservancy – BFC; offering analytics, business solutions, skitz, and REIT developments


Product Ownership

Patent Search, Trademark Search, Patent Analysis, Feasibility Study, Market Analysis, Supplier Analysis, Product Statistics, Environmental Impact Analysis, Component Analysis, Target Analysis, Best Use Case, User Experience, User Acceptance, Regulatory Analysis, Recall Analysis, Historical Attempts, Design Analysis, Market Comparison, Stepwise Strategy, ClusterAnalysis, Useability Analysis, Case History Research, Innovation Analysis, Business Case Reporting, Budget Analysis, Needs Analysis, Efficiency Planning, Sprint Analysis

Project Management

Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Sponsor Communication, Project Analysis, Data Maintenance Kits, Employee Training, Supplier Analysis, Backlog Prioritization, Strategic Planning, Team Engage, Communication Plan

Regulatory Compliance

Reporting, Permitting, Licensing, Training, Program Creation, Audits, Notice if Intent, Violation Resolution, Analytics, Pricing, Planning, Strategy, Public Relations, Public Listings, SEC, Ethic

Sustainability Analysis

LEED, EPA Compliance, Phase 1 ESA, Phase 11 & 111 Contracting, Policy Analysis, Awards and Recognition, Grants, Waste Management, End Life Strategy, Energy Recommendations, Affiliate Analysis, Strategy, Program Integration, Big Picture Management

Business Services

Filings, Change Management, Training Programs, Easy M&A Transition, Leadership Program Analysis, Digital Transformations, Digital Products Analysis, Employee Engagement, Knowledge Sharing Policy


Financial, Marketing, SEO, Social Media, SERP, Product Introductions, Conflicts of Interest, Supplier, Alliance, Management, Innovation, Market Competition, Predictive, Market Basket, Campaign


Program Analysis, Strategy Analysis, A/B testing, Regression Analysis, Predictive Analytics, Market Basket Analysis, Email Campaign Analytics, Digital Analytics, SEO/SERP/Social Analytics, Events Planning

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