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BFC Analytics Foundation

While many companies can afford the services required to get licenses, permits, and compliance certifications — some cannot.  BFC Analytics Foundation is here to help.  We provide services on a sliding scale depending on the ability of the business to afford them.  Don’t worry, it’s no harm to the company or its employees.  This is why the foundation is here.  The company donates to its own account, and also receives sponsorships from others to make these services more affordable to individuals, small businesses, and large corporations on the brink of bankruptcy that needs compliance services. 


Services provided under this program include environmental audits and analytics, environmental reporting for regulatory bodies, environmental permitting, environmental planning, ESA Phase 1 reviews, environmental strategy, clean energy assessment and planning, business continuity assessments with planning, and pricing, budgetary, and marketing reviews.

The requirement to be eligible for this program is that the business agrees to enact practices that will reduce emissions in the local and surrounding areas and beyond. 

If the accepted business is operating in a Hub zone, or an otherwise underserved area (with the ability to prove that the area is underserved) — the business may be eligible for further price reductions and/or further services to help expand the development of the area where the business belongs.

BFC Analytics Foundation will help with Phase II Assessments of Brownfields, CERCLA, and Superfund — however, since this is a service that BFC Analytics, as a for-profit company, would like to provide — requirements are that the company being assisted will need to agree to be a party to government grants proposals, to sliding scale fees related to third-party services for specific equipment and safety procedures, and to an alliances check to ensure that there are no detrimental affiliations with a politically contingent organization.

If you would like to become a foundation sponsor please contact me for more information on our marketing and branding programs.

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